Sales and Marketing

This area is concerned with gaining new customers, maintaining existing customers and contacting ship-owners and other company departments to offer services and coordinate the loading and unloading of freight.

Purpose of the Training Session

The purpose is to equip trainees with the following skills: Describe the function of sales and marketing in container vessel agency services and explain concepts and information related to this function

Identify the parties involved in sales and marketing activities

Prepare shipping price quotes to a customer as part of the proposal and sales process

Analyze the job flow and operational process (import and export) as it relates to the sales and marketing department

Take into consideration the important aspects of managing customer relationships when dealing with customers

Fulfill all the requirements needed to ensure customer satisfaction

Training Session Topics

Sales and Marketing

Parties to the Sales and Marketing Process

Sales and Marketing Process

Customer Relations Management

Providing Price Quotes


Length of the Training Session:

1 day

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