Risk Management

When any problem occurs at sea such as an accident on the vessel or lost freight, the relative units are contacted and solutions are generated to resolve the problem.

Purpose of the Training Session

The purpose is to equip trainees with the following skills: Explain the notes recorded on the consignment

Determine whether or not the delay was due to error

Explain how "P&I" and "Hull and Machinery" insurance can be used for various types of damage

Explain the concept of claims

Discuss the responsibilities of the carrier in freight problems

Explain what must be done in the event of an accident at sea

Inform customers about instructions and orders that come from insurers and ship-owners during rescue, assistance and general average

Training Session Topics


Types of Sea Insurance

Responsibility of the Carrier During Cargo Problems and Actions to be Taken

Accidents at Sea

Rescue, Assistance and General Average

Length of the Training Session:

1 day

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