Trainee Comments

I think it is very beneficial to be informed about the operations and jobs done in other units and to learn about this from an expert.
The training session I attended provided sufficient resources for us to understand this branch of business, which is a complicated and difficult operation.
It is just great that such a training program exists.
Even though the subject was complicated, the training session was fun. The graphics made it more memorable.
It was a professional training session. It was purposeful but also fun. I think it was a success. The trainers were experts.
The trainers were very effective in their presentations and the example events provided good reinforcement. I think that this kind of training session needs to be given to everyone when they first start working here. It was enjoyable to learn the definitions for many terms that we hear all the time.
After working at this company for five years, I now know exactly what the documentation unit does, thanks to this training session.
It was a very beneficial training session because it explained in general what jobs are done in the department and the importance of the documents it produces. What I liked the best was that all of the stages were explained.
I liked the fact that the subject was reinforced by actual events and that the trainers really focused our attention on the topic. In general, the training session was beneficial.
The subjects were explained clearly and the learning environment was enjoyable.
It was very helpful for learning about the subject and the function of the unit within the holding. The information provided was very beneficial. Thank you.
I think it was a superb training session because it was easy to understand and the books reinforced the trainer’s presentation. The sections were organized well and someone who is new to the subject can definitely learn a lot. I was very impressed.
It helped us gain an overall picture of all the terms we use during our regular work environment as well as actual and potential events.
It was not boring. It was fun and it provided good information, it was educational.
The subjects were enhanced with descriptive examples.
Because I am a rather new employee at Arkas, I not only became informed about the topic presented in the training session, I also learned about the business activities at most of the other Arkas companies and how this unit is connected to them.
Thanks to this training session, I now have a better understanding of what is done before and after my own department and why. I am grateful to everyone who contributed to the training.

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