Foreign Accounts

This department tracks revenue and expense items generated by agency activities between the company and ship-owners, agencies and customers abroad, and it evaluates the resulting debt/credit balances. The department also administers accounting relationships between the agency and ship-owners.  
Purpose of the Training Session

The purpose is to equip trainees with the following skills: Explain the function and primary tasks of the Foreign Accounts Unit

Describe the job flow process of the Foreign Accounts Unit

Identify the documents that the Foreign Accounts Unit uses and generates

Classify the categories of procedures related to disbursement accounts

Describe additional accounts that occur periodically

Explain other tasks performed by the Foreign Accounts Unit to create a vessel account

Training Session Topics

Primary Tasks Carried Out by the Foreign Accounts Unit

Preparation to Create a Vessel Account

Stages of Creating a Disbursement Account

Monthly and Additional Accounts

Additional Tasks Required for Creating a Vessel Account

Length of the Training Session:

1,5 days

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