Customs Clearance

All customs requirements related to agency procedures, transit procedures and cargo that must be carried out at the relevant customs offices is performed in accordance with the port and customs laws that are in effect.

Purpose of the Training Session

The purpose is to equip trainees with the following skills: Explain the rights and responsibilities specified in the Customs Law

Describe the processing stages in the customs import regime

Check the documents required by the customs import regime

Classify the types of exports into groups

Identify the export procedures carried out by customs offices according to where they are performed

Describe how goods are classified according to their characteristics

Describe the procedure and length of time that containers are used during customs clearance

Identify what conditions determine whether goods from free zones are processed

Training Session Topics

Customs Procedures

Customs Law

Forms of Export

Free Zones

Liquidation Procedures

Length of the Training Session:

1 day

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